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Why Members Love Opolis


Opolis <> MetaGame

Payroll & Benefits. Built for You.

Opolis is a member-owned digital employment cooperative offering payroll and high-quality, affordable benefits (health insurance, retirement plans, and more) to independent workers, freelancers, digital nomads, solopreneurs, and sole-practitioners. 

With Opolis, you don’t have to worry about tax withholding or compliance. We handle that for you so you can focus on your clients, not your relationship with the government.

As a member, you are also an owner of the cooperative and share in the future profits of the network. Our members enjoy: 

  • An average of 20-50% savings on top-rated national group health insurance

  • Self-sovereign portable employment and a W2 + paystubs from a Colorado cooperative

  • Tokenized rewards: consumption, staking, and referrals

  • Fund payroll in stablecoins and digital currencies without centralized exchanges

  • Receive paychecks in fiat and white-listed digital currencies
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5 Reasons to
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Power in Numbers

Save money and time by accessing group employment benefits and services you need (and probably already pay too much for!).

Employment Cooperatives are the Future of Work

Portable, borderless employment. Own your work, life, and never lose your benefits.

Streamlined Access to Crypto Payroll and DeFi

Get paid in fiat and white-listed digital currencies.

Be an Owner and Share in the Profits

Global payroll is over $50T. Imagine what a worldwide public utility cooperative for employment would be worth at 5% of that volume.

Earn Rewards and Governance Power

Consumption, staking, and referral reward tokens for your contribution to building the Opolis Employment Commons.

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"The quality and affordability of benefits make me feel like I'm working for a large company, even though I'm still self-employed."

Employee Member

"I now have the freedom and flexibility to work how I choose without having to worry about the typical challenges of being independent."

Employee Member

"Opolis opens up a whole new world for people working for themselves."

Employee Member

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